A boat designer uses his skills

only with logic and emotion.

Each of our projects born with the aim to transmit harmony, aerodynamics and comfort through a well harmonized flow of skills combined with a deep maritime understanding and thirty-year experience of high level design solutions.

The close contact to our clients is the most valuable asset alongside the boat construction. In addition, our client’s wishes are central and we are pleased to realise them.

Our professional team loves to work with precision and passion for details. They support the company from the very first project step through the configuration, CE approval and verification of all the aerodynamic aspects. The tasks are also extended to the construction of models and personalized features.

Each boat is unique synthesis of the tastes and lifestyle of our clients.

Always striving for excellence, we love to be inspired by new concepts of beauty, innovation and the internationality of our clients.

That pleasant sense of professional pride, from the sketches of the design to the last executive detail.

Vincenzo Caputo - Founder


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