Our boats have the aim

to spread vibrations of pure

energy. They must be able

to transmit lightness,

speed and comfort.


Vincenzo Caputo – Founder

Nautica Cab represents an exception in the Italian inflatable boat panorama; not only because the company’s features, but also because of the uniqueness of its products.

The site was born from the passion and nautical experience of Vincenzo Caputo, expert boat pilot, who decided to specialize in the developing products directed to exigent clients.

In a short time the market appreciated this type of boats built with high skills and care. Following the last trends, Nautica Cab started progressively developing its production, maintaining a structure with high standard processing methods.

As part of an inevitable development, stimulated by the customers, the company offers a range of eleven models:

Dorado 6.60, Dorado 6.60 work, Dorado 7.0, Dorado 7.0 EFB, Dorado 7.5, Dorado 8.7, Dorado 10.0 EFB, Dorado 10.0 FB, Dorado 10.0 open, Dorado 10.0 work, the flagship boat Silverado 13.7

In fact, even today, our inflatable boats are built with the same features typical of CAB success: top quality, strenght and attention to details; Furthermore, we make sure to use only the best materials to construct our boats.

This detail-orientation inevitably leads list prices slightly higher than the average. However, the continuing demand growth is rewarding our production strategies.

Nautica Cab was founded in 1985,

today the Company is still growing

thanks to the passion and commitment

of the team.




Antonella Contini – Senior Account

The Infatable Boat assistance centre in the 80s, was a point of reference for a new market that began its development in that time. The holder is Vincenzo Caputo, ex Offshore pilot.

The initial activity provided a service of construction, reparation, testing and assembly of inflatable boats with marine engines. A fundamental experience that today helped to define Nautica Cab as a luxury company for big infatable boats lovers.

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