We work in a team

with a shared passion and strong curiosity,

determination, patience,

effort, and intensity

Vincenzo Caputo – Founder

Visual power, like aesthetics, functionality and aerodynamics.


Intelligence and elegance, the richness of italian DNA that has created historical masterpieces, to which we refer with humility and respect as a primary source of inspiration


Extemporaneousness, to distinguish from short time trends, the common denominator.


Responsibility, as economic conscience, seriousness of approach, safety and seaworthiness.


Influence, as the positive value of the brand acquired over the years, the quality factors of our products.

Our principles:


Optional bow propeller on

Dorado 8.7 and 10.0,

Silverado 13.7 the flagship.

A unique offer on RIB of this dimesion

Openable console

All systems are

content, ordered,

accessible and protected

in a special compartment

in the console.


Inox scuppers

Well placed in line with the cockpit, wide, massive,

elegant, eternal.

Built-in teak

The inserts of solid wood teak

are cashed at level.

Perfect manufacture of wood

and VTR.



Double step of sustenance

on some models to have a faster boat, sporty and to reduce consumption.



High thickness,

the VTR hull has an higher

thickness respect to RINA’s requirements.

More security, more stiffness,

more duration.

Lids with gas actuators

When the weight of the lid

requires it is assisted by

a gas actuator.

More comfort and hands-free.

Standard attacks and hangers on almost all of our boats.

(to not need to use the bands of the cranes that compress the hull and ruin it)




Customized cushions in colors and

materials. Washable, comfortable and

resistant over the years.

A strong tube band protection

that covers all the section.

Only in this way it can

protect properly.

A wide selection of comfort

for the life on board

are distributed

everywhere with intelligence.



Powerful hull, deep V

for a safe and smooth




Center console and T-Top

are integrated into an elegant

project where everything is accessible

with practicality.

You will never find a tight space,

a narrow passage,

a material that is not at its best.



The large and comfortable kitchen cockpit increases the chances

to experience the sea in a better way.

The real elegance of these boats

lies in what you can perceive by intuintion but you can’t see:

much substance and no ostentation.

Our inboard engines.

Internal reinforcements of the hull

with water passages.

To prevent the condensed water

from entering inside

the compartments, it is conveyed

to the bilge pump.



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