Our boats are unique,

they don’t follow

marketing laws.

Vincenzo Caputo – Founder

Rome – Boat Show





Prototyping CE

Interior design

Marine Engineering





Work boats


Projection areas:

Sketches of style and interior design

Configuration and pre-project

Planning and CE approval

Analysis of stability, buoyancy and compartmentalization

Calculation and analysis of the performance and the propulsive equipment

Structural dimension

Structural analysis F.E.A.

Design and 3D modeling

Implementation models and molds, up to the prototype


Our production area is divided into 1000sqm of yard and 300sqm of office.


Our boats are able to be moved smoothly without any hindrance; our yard is open to our clients so they can follow the progress of construction at any stage.

We have a multidisciplinary

design approach.

Reliability and accuracy

distinguish the management

of our projects, from the

smaller to the most challenging.

Certification R.I.N.A.

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